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Want to Hide a Handgun on Your Person? Get Concealed Carry Training!


On the subject of owning a firearm, there is only so much that a citizen can do with it, apart from getting firearms training. Obviously, the Second Amendment prevents the government from impinging on your rights to bear a weapon altogether, but without proper gun training, a gun has to stay in your home. But Firearms Training Institute encourages America to realize that there is something called concealed carry training. While concealed carry training does not authorize you to carry a concealed weapon, it does make you eligible for application for a Concealed Weapon Permit.

A Concealed Weapon Permit, or CWP, can only be received by an upstanding citizen who has received extensive firearms training, and especially concealed carry training. And while some people may ask why concealed carry training or a CWP is necessary for any average citizen, to them there is an easy answer: because criminals ignore the law. Dr. is the founder and director of Front Sight – America's largest gun training school &ndash. Dr. Piazza tries to remind his students often that criminals, while they typically don't receive firearms training, often carry weapons. They are typically concealed, and if they're set on robbing or harming you, they're not going to stop at just drawing their gun.

Firearms training, especially concealed carry training, empowers you. Concealed carry training teaches you how to spot a potential threat, and how to handle him before it ever comes to drawing your weapon. However, concealed carry training also prepares you for drawing quickly and preparing yourself. All firearms training makes you more powerful and more able to handle your environment, concealed carry training takes you to the level where you can handle a gun-related situation before it occurs and, failing that, you can draw your weapon more quickly and more accurately than the other guy.

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