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Why is “gun” a dirty word in America? Why do mothers insist that their children never point guns made out of fingers at their friends? Why is gun education something that seems esoteric and completely anathema? Firearms training is a real science, it is a matter-of-fact necessity in today’s world, moreover, there is absolutely no comparison between actual, applicable firearms training and going to a range and taking a few shots.

Firearms training is exactly the same as any other kind of training, getting it makes you more able to take control of the subject, be responsible for the tools and items that are used in the subject, and be more empowered overall. Cue Front Sight Firearms Training Institute: a revolutionary idea in America. is a firearms training resort. That’s right, a firearms training resort. Never has there been anything like Front Sight, a shooting school that encourages its students to ‘come on up for the weekend!’ And never has there been a shooting school as successful as Front Sight.

Front Sight trains more students every year than all other shooting schools in America combined. As mentioned in the article in Gunweb magazine, Front Sight is located near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. With the resort area located well outside of the noise and ballistic shadow of the ranges, one can stand in the lower-elevation area, with no obstructions or mountains in the way, a few hundred yards away, and here nothing but a very soft ‘d-d-d-d’ – if one listens very closely.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza is the founder and director of Front Sight. Ignatius Piazza made it his personal mission to change the image of guns and gun training in his lifetime after his life was threatened by violent, gun-wielding anti-socials. He stands behind his mission of delivering the world's best gun training to as many Americans as possible each and every day at .

Front Sight is the place for firearms training; for any student of any level, Front Sight firearms training is a must. Novices through experts all have something to learn in respect to some aspect of gun training, and Front Sight delivers to them all. The “Front Sight Experience”, as students come to call it, is a wonderful opportunity and one that all should jump at.

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