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'Gun Training': Words you need not cringe at


I ask again, why is “gun” a dirty word in America? Clearly this writer for Gunweb magazine doesn’t think it is. Why should a place like Front Sight not be known by every American with any interest in national security? Why should , founder and director of Front Sight, not be loved by men and women America over? Ignatius Piazza wants America safe, and his plan to do that is to deliver safe, effective gun training to responsible, law-abiding citizens. Americans claim to have interest in national security and in protecting the homefront, but when it comes down to it, and people have an opportunity to learn the actual ins and outs of gun training, conservatives and liberals alike (not to mention mothers and grandmothers) get up in arms.

‘Gun control!’ ‘Gun control!’ they shout. Why is this? Why do so many people operate under the idea that more laws equal more safety? Why can’t people assume that gun training equals safety? And, following suit, that more gun training equals more safety? Somehow restrictions aren’t passed on things like psychiatric drugs and their rampant, destructive prescription to nearly every student and child, but guns – far less fatal and evil tools – are feared and hated. Located near Las Vegas, Nevada, Front Sight delivers gun training to more students annually than all other schools in the nation combined.

Gun control enthusiasts attempt to quote statistics and numbers that say that gun owners are 22% more likely to be killed by their own gun than a attacker or otherwise. First off, we can laugh at numbers like that: it is a commonly known fact that 47% of all statistics used in arguments are thought up on the spot. Second, I challenge such fools to survey Front Sight graduates for ANY accidental firearm discharge – not fatal accidents, not even wounding accidents, ANY accidental firearm discharge. It is my humble opinion that such a survey of any number students who have received any amount of Front Sight’s gun training would turn up an absolute zero.

Front Sight’s gun training is run to a sky-high standard. Dr. Ignatius Piazza runs Front Sight with the expectation that all students will be masters of their weapons, and Piazza gets what he expects.

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