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Handgun Training is the American Way, Says Piazza


Take an individual who has received little to no handgun training and put him in a dangerous situation concerning a gun. Now take an individual who has received handgun training and put him in the same situation. Perhaps it's an armed robbery, perhaps a robbery he witnesses. Which of the individuals would be safer, more calm and more able to handle the situation? Obviously the answer is the individual with handgun training.

The same goes for any subject, and also any firearms training. Firearms Training Institute feels this way. Front Sight's objective is to deliver safe, effective firearms training to the masses of America, so that fewer people need fear the danger in a gun-related attack.

Firearms training is an extensive subject anywhere, but especially at Front Sight. Handgun training is only the beginning of the adventure for any student of Front Sight. The true experience of Front Sight lies in running the full gamut of their gun training: defensive handgun training, shotgun training, rifle training and even submachine gun training. There's also unarmed self defense training and numerous other, more recreational possibilities, like a 4-day safari preparation course, or various other wilderness survival courses.

According to Front Sight's founder and director, , All of these gun training courses are intended to empower the individual, to make every student more able to handle any dangerous gun-related situation that may arise throughout their life. But not only that, Dr. Piazza strongly urges Americans to realize that the Founding Fathers of the Constitution also felt strongly about gun ownership, and likely gun training. While the Fathers drafted the Constitution in a time when it was unlikely that anyone who owned one wouldn't know how to use a gun, the Fathers were very specific about the Second Amendment. All Americans should own guns, in the event that a militia need to be formed, Americans must be ready to join up. It's shocking, but it's what the Constitution says.

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