Front Sight and Ignatius Piazza



"Any Gun Will Do – If You Will Do!" Ignatius Piazza!


Dr. , a former chiropractor, is the founder and director of . As described in this article, Dr. Piazza was the victim of a drive-by shooting. He then started training with top shooting instructors of the day. As he got training, he discovered a rank of firearm training almost completely unheard of, Four Weapons Combat Master. He began training for it upon hearing of it.

Ignatius Piazza got training regimen for the Four Weapons Combat Master certificate included handgun training, shotgun training, submachine gun and rifle training three to four hours a day, Monday through Friday and on Saturday renting a full range to practice live-fire drills. It was through this intense program that he began to realize the particular advantages and disadvantages of different teaching methods. He also discovered what an ideal training sequence would look like, whether meant for novice, intermediate or expert.

Dr. Ignatius Piazza achieved the rank of Four Weapons Combat Master, becoming the second man to ever to do so at the time. Through his experience and his training, Dr. Piazza formed Front Sight’s format and program. He now hires only the finest instructors, none of whom operate with a drill instructor-esque attitude. SWAT personnel, military officers and non-coms, police officers, security guards, all sorts of men and women train the students of Front Sight, and to the most professional level imaginable.

So go and get some of the best gun training in the industry! Contact Front Sight and sign up for any one of their many, spectacular courses. And, when you tell one of your staunch liberal or conservative friends that you’re going to get firearms training at Front Sight, and they ask, “Why?” You tell them: because there is absolutely no reason not to! Front Sight and Dr. Ignatius Piazza are the best of the best, and if you’re really interested in firearms mastery, Front Sight is the place for you.

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