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Front Sight's Rifle Training Just as Important as Its Handgun Training


Firearms Training Institute offers rifle training, and has offered it – amongst all the other firearms training it offers – for years. Their rifle training is designed to make the gun user receiving the gun training safe, effective and responsible. Though some may ask what rifle training makes you effective at. What does rifle training prepare you for? Does it make you a better hunter? Does it make you a safer hunter? Well, the answers to those are yes and yes. But there's more to owning and using a rifle than being a hunter. Don't talk to an N.R.A. representative about rifle ownership, they'll tell you hunting is the only thing rifles are good for. But if you really look at where America gets its right to have guns from, if you really inspect why we're allowed firearms in the first place, you'll see that Front Sight's mission in delivering firearms training – and rifle training – is both noble and absolutely necessary.

Not many Americans take time to realize how unique their ability to own firearms and receive firearms training is. Not many Americans realize that in other countries of the world, citizens are not allowed to receive formal gun training or own guns. But luckily, our Constitution, the framework by which our country operates, calls for the right to bear arms never to be imposed upon. The Second Amendment of the Constitution clearly states that in the event that a militia be needed, the people must be able to join said militia, and therefore, the right to bear arms must never be impinged upon.

Front Sight's founder and director, is consistently aware of the impact that a well-trained, armed populace could have on the safety and security of America. Gun training is about more than handling a firearm, it's about keeping yourself safe, along with your loved ones and family.

So the Founding Fathers expected us to own guns. It then follows that they expected us to gain knowledge, firearms training, in how to use them safely and effectively. If a person owns a firearm, he is responsible for getting firearms training so that he can safely and effectively use that firearm.

Front Sight Firearms Training Institute is leading the industry in gun training, and encourages everyone to receive whatever firearms training they need to be fully effective: handgun training, shotgun training, submachine gun training or rifle training.

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