Front Sight

Shotgun Training Now Available For Experts and Novices Alike


Firearms Training Institute is the leader in the gun training industry; their courses in handgun training, rifle training and now shotgun training, has, for years, raised the bar of excellence across the nation. For years, Front Sight has been the nation's largest shooting school, delivering firearms training to more students annually than all other gun training schools in America combined. Their courses span a wide range of subjects. Whether a person is looking for a 1-day refresher course on handgun safety, or a 4-day defensive handgun training course, Front Sight has multiple options of those two. And if a person is more interested in a 2-day rifle training course which will bring them from an intermediate student to an expert, or maybe looking more for a week-long rifle training course, Front Sight has what they need. And now, Front Sight's shotgun training is reaching the same heights. SWAT team members, police officers from around the nation and even military personnel are coming to Front Sight to receive the extremely effective shotgun training that Front Sight offers now.

Now, featured in magazines and periodicals across the globe, Front Sight has been featured in Gun Web magazine. In it, the founder and director of Front Sight, Dr. Ignatius Piazza, a former chiropractor from California, discusses his plans for Front Sight. As if Front Sight being the largest gun training school in America isn't enough, he's shooting for an all new record: the first ever gun town.

That's right: gun town. What Dr. Piazza wants is a 550-acre residential community much like Pebble Beach or one of the numerous golfing resort towns located throughout America. Except instead of golf or racquet, the town of Front Sight will be anchored by firing ranges and gun training -- near Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Gun training will be the way of the town at Front Sight, and Dr. Piazza thinks that that will make it the safest town in the country.

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